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We help ensure public heath by supplying more than half of the country's sodium hypochlorite requirement

You may know it as the liquid in that white plastic jug often placed beside the family washing machine. Added to the laundry, it is used to kill germs and make white clothes whiter. Due to its chemical properties, this compound has so many roles in the war against germs. It truly deserves the title, "public health champion".

More popularly known as 'bleach', sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is a very useful and inexpensive disinfectant and bleaching agent. Depending on the strength of the solution, sodium hypochlorite may be sold as a household bleach, or in waterworks for the chlorination of water.

It is also effective in fighting bacteria and viruses, and is often the disinfectant of choice in cleaning surfaces in hospitals, medical laboratories, doctors' offices and nursing homes to prevent the spread of disease among patients, residents and workers.

As a household bleach, sodium hypochlorite is used for removing stains from laundry. It is particularly effective on cotton fiber, which stains easily but bleaches well. A weak solution of 1% household bleach in warm water is used to sanitize smooth surfaces prior to the brewing of beer or wine. Sodium hypochlorite is also used for the disinfection or drinking water and in dentistry during root canal treatment. It is generally used as common laundry bleach, as disinfectant and antiseptic. Industrial application includes paper and textile whitening and water purification.
NaOCl is a light-yellow, highly unstable liquid solution produced through the mixing of caustic soda, liquid chlorine, and water. It is produced at a concentration of 7% to 14%.

Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCI), % min. 7.10
Available Chlorine (C12), gpl minimum. 75.00
Excess Caustic Soda (NaOH), % min. 0.20
Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3), % max. 1.00
Sodium Chlorate (NaCIO3), % maximum. 1.00
Iron (Fe) ppm maximum 2.00
Nickel(Ni) ppm maximum < 1.00
Copper (Cu) ppm maximum < 1.00
Specific Gravity maximum < 1.109
Apperance: light, yellow, green liquid  
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