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We supply hydrochloric acid solutions to the country's electronics industry

It's hard to imagine that the chemical compound used in producing soy sauce is also the same crucial ingredient in the manufacture of electronics and semiconductor products.

Yet indeed, hydrochloric acid (HCl) also called muriatic acid, is one of the most versatile and commercially important chemical compounds produced by MVC.

HCl is formed when chlorine gas is burned in hydrogen. When the two gases react, they produce hydrogen chloride. Dissolved in water, it becomes a very pure form of HCl that may be used safely in making food and pharmaceutical products.

Homemakers buy muriatic acid for various household applications such as removal of stains in floor tiles and kitchen sinks. Major uses of hydrochloric acid are in the manufacture of other chemicals such as chlorides. It is also utilized in pickling and cleaning of metal surfaces, electroplating, activation of geothermal oil wells, food processing, production of zinc chloride for batteries, removing scale from boilers, preparation of PCBs and other electronic products, and making fertilizers and dyes. HCl is depended on to turn starch and proteins into food products, and in small amounts, in processing glucose. The photography, textile and rubber industries also rely on HCl for various product applications.
HCl is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas. It is a clear, slightly yellow, fuming liquid, commercially known as muriatic acid. It is available in two grades: technical grade, which has a 35-38% concentration; and the commercial grade, which has a 30-32% concentration.

Appearance clear, colorless liquid
Specific Gravity at 30/15 °C 1.155 - 1.170
% HCI 32.0 ± 1.0
% Residue after ignition (750 °C), max 0.02
% Evaporation residue (200 °C ), max 0.5
ppm Iron as Fe, max 15
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