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We are the sole producer of chlorine in the Philippines

Not too many people know that MVC is present in every facet of their lifestyle. One of the chemical products we produce is chlorine - an important chemical in various processes including water purification, disinfectants, and bleaching. It is used for killing bacteria and other microbes in drinking water supplies and swimming pools.

Chlorine is used widely in the manufacture of many everyday items, or to purify water in various forms. Chlorine plays a critical role in the production of thousands of commercial products. Products reliant on chlorine's unique properties include paper, antiseptic, dyestuffs, food, insecticides, paints, petroleum products, plastics, medicines, textiles, solvents, and many other consumer products.

It is also used in making bullet-resistant wear, computer hardware, silicon chips and automotive parts. Many leisure activities rely on equipment using chlorine, such as vinyl swimming pool lines and soccer balls, golf bags, nylon tents, water-proof jackets, wet suits, inflammable rafts, surfboards, tennis rackets and many children's toys.

Chlorine is used in the manufacture of many car components including: nylon for seatbelts and airbags; vinyl upholstery; bumpers and mats; polyurethane seat cushions; dashboards; fan and alternator belts; hoses; gaskets and seals; petroleum additives; brakes and transmission fluids; and anti-freeze. It is used as a bleaching agent by pulp and paper and textile industries. It is also used as a raw material in the manufacture of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, insecticides, refrigerants and other chlorinated solvents and materials.

Presently, MVC is the only company in the country that produces chlorine in commercial quantities.
A co-product of caustic soda when salt is dissolved in water and electrolyzed, chlorine (Cl2) is a clear, amber-colored liquefied gas, kept under high pressure in steel cylinders at a concentration minimum of 99.5%.

% Purity as C12, min 99.5
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"MVC is also engaged in the trading of Caustic Soda Pearls and Asahi Valves."