MABUHAY VINYL CORPORATION is one of the Philippines leading providers of chemical products and related services for enhancing life and preserving the environment. Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation derives its products from one of the most basic things on earth: salt from seawater. Simply put, our task is to break down salt into its basic parts using energy. And though the sheer magic of chemistry, we turn each of these compounds into chemicals you need in your everyday life. Our company has served millions of people this way for more than 40 years. We have supplied Philippine industries with chemicals that are crucial in running their operations. These companies in turn make a myriad of products that are amazing in their diversity. Our chemical products are hardly recognizable when it gets to consumers. But we are there in every facet of your life. From your home to your workplace, your health and your lifestyle, MVC is your life.


Through the years, MVC has remained committed towards providing quality products and services beyond the satisfaction of our customers. By utilizing the latest technology and improving production techniques at our Laguna and Iligan plants, we are able to meet the growing demand and at the same time cater to the special and unique needs of our customers. read more

From the water you drink, the soap and detergents you use, and the clothes you wear, caustic soda is present in almost every part of your home. Also known as sodium hydroxide (NaOH), caustic soda is one of the very few chemicals with a broad range of applications. It is commonly used in homes as an agent for unblocking drains, either in the form of dry crystal or as a thick liquid gel. view more
It's hard to imagine that the chemical compound used in producing soy sauce is also the same crucial ingredient in the manufacture of electronics and semiconductor products. Yet indeed, hydrochloric acid (HCl), also called muriatic acid, is one of the most versatile and commercially important chemical compounds produced by MVC. view more
Not too many people know that MVC is present in every facet of their lifestyle. One of the chemical products we produce is chlorine - an important chemical in processes such as water purification and disinfectants, and bleach production. It is used for killing bacteria and other microbes in drinking water supplies and swimming pools. view more
You may know it as the liquid in that white plastic jug often placed beside the family washing machine. Added to the laundry, it is used to kill germs and make white clothes whiter. Due to its chemical properties, this compound has so many roles in the war against germs. It truly deserves the title, "public health champion". view more

"MVC is also engaged in the trading of Caustic Soda Pearls and Asahi Valves."

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