Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation is the first and largest chlor-alkali producer in the Philippines. It is the country’s leading manufacturer of caustic soda and hydrochloric acid and the only company that produces chlorine in commercial quantities. In addition, it supplies more than 50% of the country’s requirement for sodium hypochlorite. The products end up in the manufacture of many useful consumer products that are important in our daily lives. The company is backed by a team of technically skilled managers with long and extensive experience in the field of PVC and chlor-alkali production. Through the years, MVC continues to affirm its commitment to quality. After successfully passing stringent tests and inspection, its operations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were all issued ISO 9002 certification – the internationally recognized standard of world-class quality.


Almost two decades after, Judge Guevara, with his son Victor, reorganized the company to produce two new products, caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride resin. A plant in Iligan, Mindanao, was set-up in 1965 through the Japanese Reparations Program. It engaged the technical services of Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. of Tokyo to assist its initial operation. The initial plant capacity was 4,000 MTPY for amalgam caustic soda and 6,000 MTPY for PVC resin. read more

MVC continues to enhance its corporate governance structure in order to improve efficiency and to keep pace with the changing business environment while at the same time promoting transparency and compliance with applicable laws. In 2002, the Corporation adopted its Manual on Corporate Governance (MCG) which institutionalized the Corporation’s principles of good governance. read more

Annual Corporate Governance Report
Embodying company's commitment to effective board management, efficiency, transparency and accountability, MVC submitted its Annual Corporate Governance Report (ACGR) for the year 2015 to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.
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Mission/ Vision/ Quality
A dominant chemical and related services company for enhancing life and preserving the environment. A dynamic and profitable company focused on value leadership, reliable service and premium customer satisfaction. view all
MVC operates manufacturing plants in Iligan City and at the Laguna Technopark in Biñan, Laguna. To provide nationwide logistics coverage, the company operates depots in strategic locations across the country.
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Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation adheres to the highest ideals of ethics in conducting its business. To this end, the company and its employees shall ensure commitment through words and deeds, to conform to the basic tenets of service, integrity, teamwork, excellence and social responsibility view all

Board of Directors and Executive Officers of MVC

Board of Directors of Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation:
Name Position
Tetsuro Hachimura Chairman and CEO
Edwin Ll. Umali Director/President and COO
Jose O. Juliano Independent Director
Barbara Anne C. Migallos Director
Renato N. Migriño Independent Director
Naoki Tominaga Director
Yoshiaki Uenishi Director

Executive Officers of Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation:
Name Position
Tetsuro Hachimura Chairman and CEO
Edwin Ll. Umali President and COO/Director
Michael S. Yu Treasurer/AVP-Corporate Planning
Romeo G. Dela Cruz VP-Marketing
Steve S.C. Pangilinan VP-Manufacturing
Ryo Kobayashi VP-Finance

MVC Organizational Chart

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MVC Conglomerate Map

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Shareholdings Structure

Class of Voting Shares as of 31 December 2015:
    Shares Outstanding No. of Vote Each Share Is Entitled
    Common Shares:
    Filipino 39,388,080 One (1) vote per share
    Foreign 621,921,318 One (1) vote per share
    Total 661,309,398

Manner of voting:
    The holders of common stock are entitled to one vote per share, but in connection with the cumulative voting feature applicable to the election of directors, each stockholder is entitled to as many votes as shall equal the number of shares held by such person at the close of business on the record date, multiplied by the number of directors to be elected. A stockholder may cast all of such votes for a single nominee or may apportion such votes among any two or more nominees. The shares shall be voted/cast by secret balloting and/or raising of hands. In all matters included in the agenda, except the election of directors, the counting of votes will be done through the regular method.