Being part of the global voluntary initiative of the chemical industry to commit its management policy to secure and protect the environment, health and safety (EHS) of its stakeholders, Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation has initiated milestone in support of ethical, attitudinal, and principled ways of conducting its business and relating the same to the company's role in society.

A Responsible Care (RC) Manual has been prepared to enshrine Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation's guiding principles, vis--vis the RC declarations. Safety, Health and Environment policies have been revisited and firmed up; proportional activities, orientation and trainings were extensively implemented to ensure a successful program launching in June 2003.

To date, MVC's RC program has been continuously monitored and visited by different organizations. Verification process has likewise been conducted by representatives of the Japanese Responsible Care Council (JRCC), Japanese Export Trade Organization (JETRO), and the Responsible Care Council/Chemical Industries Association of the Philippines or Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industriyang Kimika (SPIK).

MVC recognizes that all its effort towards implementing its various Responsible Care programs and initiatives are always in a "continuous improvement mode". The February 2006 Evaluation of Self Assessment provided by the Chemical Industries Association of the Philippines affirmed this "continuous improvement cycle" as its accounted. "MVC has its updated result of Self-assessment checklist required by SPIK. Based on this, they were able to establish their priority issue which is Environment Conservation particularly on chemical spill/release which has big impact on the environment and the community."

Indeed, aligning MVC's Environmental Management Program with the Responsible Care's Codes of Management Practices, not only reverberate the company's commitment to responsible product stewardship, but more so, MVC's innate concern and dedication to gain the public's trust to operate safety, profitably and with due care for the welfare of future generations. This commitment shall persist.

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