Every road taken leads to one final destination. Each road has a view and perspective of its own. But one road always makes the difference.

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation invites you to take on its road, and bring you closer to your own personal and professional destinations. Our road has been trod on for the past 41 years - with men and women from across the country, whose loyalty to the company and whose lives have definitely changed for the better, are among the legacies MVC has made through the years.

Grounded on a performance-based culture, MVC continuous to provide its employees with a total compensation philosophy that not only complies with government-mandated benefits, but strives to match or even surpass current industry practices.

Get on our road now and together, let's make a difference!

Contact the HRD for opportunities to join MVC's journey towards continued excellence and quality in the way we do business. Contact HRD